how to add a job - video tutorial


I just got an email warning me that my job is going to be deleted

If you got an email warning, then your job posting for a specific company is going to expire soon. In order to renew your job, go to your account information by clicking the login icon and selecting "My Account". Then click on the "Go To Update Jobs" button. There will be a renew all jobs button at the top as well as buttons to renew each individual job.

Can I post jobs but still require applicants to go to my website?

Yes! We made it possible for smaller companies to post their individual positions OR larger companies to send applicants directly to their own website. Turn the "let applicants apply here" button off if you want to send applicants to your company website.

I made a mistake and want to change my company/a job

If you want to change information about your company/job posting, simply click on the login icon, login, click on it again, and press the link to "My Account". at the bottom there's a button to update your company information and change/add job postings.

I have two companies and am having trouble editing one's jobs

This is a limitation of our website. If you want two different companies, you will need an account for each one or it might be difficult to edit a specific company after creation. If you need help deleting a company or any help at all, please contact us at

I'm still having trouble/found a glitch

If you're still having trouble with anything or found a bug/mistake with the website, please contact us at